Virtual and In Person Consults Available We can help you anywhere in australia
Virtual and In Person Consults Available We can help you anywhere in australia
Property Settlement Lawyers

Splitting the assets: your best interests protected

Property settlement and the fair division of assets hold paramount importance during divorce or separation. It not only provides a clear financial resolution but also establishes a foundation for a new chapter in your life.


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How we can help with your property settlement and splitting of assets

Most separated couples need to arrange a property and financial settlement after their relationship ends. This settlement determines how assets, liabilities, superannuation, and financial resources will be divided. 

Obtaining early advice from an experienced family lawyer and ensuring a legally documented property settlement are crucial steps in the process. 

It is important to seek guidance from a family law specialist as soon as possible to protect your interests and ensure a fair resolution. Having a legally documented property settlement provides clarity and helps safeguard your rights and assets during and after the separation.

Property and financial settlement laws can be complex, and the outcome varies based on each couple’s relationship history and future needs.

Seeking legal advice from our expert family lawyers will help you to protect your best interests

At Orbell Family Lawyers, we understand that each family’s circumstances are unique. 

We pride ourselves on ‘thinking outside the box’ and providing strategic advice on property settlement entitlements. We strive to achieve negotiated outcomes to avoid court proceedings whenever possible. However, if court action becomes necessary, we are known for our expertise and strong advocacy in court.

Questions about?

Questions about Splitting the Assets: Property and Financial Settlements?

In Australia, property division follows a four-step process: identifying and valuing assets and liabilities, assessing the financial and non-financial contributions of each party, considering future needs, and determining a fair and equitable division based on these factors.

The Court considers various factors, including the financial and non-financial contributions of each party, future needs (such as income, age, health, and care responsibilities), and the overall justice and equity of the proposed settlement.

Yes, it is possible to reach a property settlement through negotiation, mediation, or alternative dispute resolution methods. Going to Court should generally be seen as a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted.

No, a 50/50 split is not automatic or guaranteed. The Court aims to achieve a just and equitable outcome based on the individual circumstances of each case. The division may not always be equal but should be fair in light of the specific factors involved.

Yes, a property settlement can be negotiated and formalized before or after obtaining a divorce. It is generally advisable to seek legal advice and formalize the settlement in a legally binding agreement or Consent Orders approved by the Court.

Initial Consultation

Meet with us to discuss your priorities and gain a clear understanding of the family law system. We will provide practical recommendations regarding property settlement.

Assessing Assets

Together, we will compile a balance sheet that outlines the assets, liabilities, superannuation, and financial resources to be divided. Exchange of disclosure material may be necessary, and valuations might be required.

Settlement Offer

Once we have a clear picture of your asset pool, we will assist you in developing a settlement offer, determining how the assets will be divided.


We will document your financial settlement either through Consent Orders (to be filed with the Court) or a Financial Agreement.


Our team will help you implement the agreement, ensuring that you can confidently move forward with your life.



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